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September California Trip
Posted Feb 24, 2008 - 03:24 AM

Airplane Back in September Paul, Alexa, Katie and I (Paul Andrew also went in the belly) all went to Southern California for a week. We once again stayed in Brea and visited all of our usual sites plus some extras per Katie’s request. Of course we once again went to Disneyland, visited with the family at Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa, went to The Grove, and just hung out at the hotel. Katie also insisted that we go down to Robertsons Boulevard to check out Kitson and The Ivy. She was also dying to try Pinkberry ice cream and we luckily found one at the Farmers Market in The Grove. We had a delicious Mexican meal at The Gardens of Tasco. We had such a good time Katie says she want to go live out in California. Alexa is a born traveler. She behaved excellent on both plane rides. She is truly a frequent flyer.


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