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Disney World
Posted Feb 24, 2008 - 03:44 AM

Disney As if we hadn’t traveled enough, the next weekend we drove to Walt Disney World. It was a huge family gathering. These are the people who came along for the trip: Yoyi, Arturo, Cristina, Abu, Aba, Gene, Tina, Daniel, David, Paul, Alexa and I. We all stayed at the Contemporary. On our first morning we went to Animal Kingdom. The weather was pretty bad. It was foggy and sprinkling most of the day. We rode lots of rides and got to see a ton of animals while on the safari ride. Alexa’s favorite part of the day was watching the parade. That evening we had tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. There was a special parade that evening, as well as hot chocolate and cookies all evening long. Alexa fell asleep shortly after the parade but we got to ride a lot of rides because there were no lines. It was great. I have never seen Disney so empty.

Saturday, we went to EPCOT. It had been a while since all of us had been there. We rode Test Track, Mission to Mars, Finding Nemo, and Soarin. Alexa visited with all the characters and she had a great time. In the afternoon we walked thorough the world showcase and had some lunch. In the evening we stood by the lake and watched the fireworks show.

Sunday we took it easy because later that afternoon we were driving home. Our morning started with breakfast with the characters at the Grand Floridian. The hotel is absolutely amazing. Breakfast was real good also. After breakfast we took a little boat out to the campground and the Wilderness Lodge. Alexa had a good time playing in the playground at the campground. The Wilderness Lodge is an amazing looking hotel. They had it beautifully decorated for Christmas. Alexa had a great time during her first visit to Disney World.


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